Top 3 Dual Core Powerhouse Netbooks

Netbooks have long been seen as a portable device suitable for casual browsing and online office solutions. However, that entire perception is about to change due to the new powerhouses that offer exceptional feature based and multimedia performance. Here are the top three victorious Dual Core Atom Netbooks champions that bask in their high end features and dual core glory.

Netbooks with dual core — The top 3 to pick from:

Asus Eee Dual Core PC 1215N: A combination of performance and design, the Asus Eee PC 1215N runs on a 1.8GHz dual core Intel Atom D525 processor. The processing speed alone makes it almost twice as fast as the other netbooks in the market.  It boasts of a 2GB DDR3 RAM that can outclass even your old laptop and a choice of a minimum of 320GB hard disk for excellent storage options. A great dual processor netbook.

There is no compromise made in the looks as the 12 inch 1366X768 LED display is sure to brighten up your entertainment and gaming experience. There is HDMI support and the netbook features NVIDIA Optimus technology to switch between integrated and dedicated NVIDIA graphics. Look out for some great gaming and high definition movie experiences along with a good battery and a 1.3 megapixel web camera as the cherry on top.

HP Pavilion DM1: HP has long established themselves as the leaders of the laptop segment and it comes as no surprise that they feature among the top in powerhouse netbooks. The Pavilion DM1 has a Dual Core Celeron SU2300 processor as its beating heart making it a real performer in multimedia and feature applications.

The 11.6 inch 1366X768 display offers crystal clear clarity and the Altec Lansing speakers have superior audio performance. It offers full 1080p video playback in various formats and has a 320GB storage option. A great battery life, solid flex keyboard and microphone make it as a great value oriented power packed netbook.

MSI Wind 12 U230: A pleasant addition to the top performers comes from MSI whose Wind12 U230 model is less of a netbook and more of a portable home theatre. Instead of going the Intel way, the model features a dual core AMD Athlon X2 CPU for great performance and features. Another great addition comes in the form of ATI HD 3200 graphics that lends extra power to gaming and the multimedia experience.

The msi wind dual core CPU  is great for multitasking and the discrete graphics card makes sure that HD video playback is a breeze.  The HDMI port and memory card reader comes as a great addition to power users. One great thing about the model is the Ergonomic De-Stress (EDS) keyboard that has a larger surface area and makes typing extremely easy. Packed with a 2GB RAM upgradable to 4GB, Wi-Fi features and a good web cam, it is the ultimate portable performer.

There will always be newer and more improved netbooks coming out in the future but if you want the top of the line current performer that will surround you with admirers, these three dual core atom netbooks are your best choice. You can pick and choose among any of the dual core net book models based on your preferences but any model you choose is bound to grab eyeballs wherever you go. Check out this top netbook review page to learn more.

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